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Jeffrey LeekJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Pro tip

Meet with seminar speakers. When you go on the job market face recognition is priceless. I met Scott Zeger at UW when I was a student. When I came for an interview I already knew him (and Ingo, and Rafa, and ...)

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Detecting novel assocations in large data sets

Over-the-top promo video

Simon and Tibshirani reply

Kinney and Atwal reply (more thoroughly)

In approximate order of difficulty

Goal : Describe a set of data

Goal : Find relationships you didn't know about

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Goal : Use a relatively small sample of data to say something about a bigger population

Correia et al. (2013) Epidemiology

Goal : To use the data on some objects to predict values for another object

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Goal : To find out what happens to one variable when you make another variable change.

van Nood et al. (2013) NEJM

Goal : Understand the exact changes in variables that lead to changes in other variables for individual objects.




You have some data

You want to know what this distribution looks like.

X_1,\ldots,X_n \sim F with density f(\cdot) and you want an estimator \hat{f}

First idea - bin the data. In math this is what this looks like:

I_j = (x_0 + j\times h,x_0+(j+1)\times h],j=-1,0,1,\ldots

Calculate counts in bins

C_j = \sum_{i=1}^n I(x_i \in I_j)

Parameters are x_0 , h .

Suppose you want an actual estimate of f(\cdot) , then we need to estimate probability of being in a bin.

\hat{f}(x) = \frac{1}{2hn} \#\{i; X_i \in (x-h,x+h]\}

You can think of this as an approximation to this representation of the density:

f(x) = \lim_{h \rightarrow 0} \frac{1}{2h} \mathbb{P}[x-h < X \leq x+h]

Again, what is beautiful about this is that we didn’t have to hardcode at any point that if you’re trying to predict the next character it might, for example, be useful to keep track of whether or not you are currently inside or outside of quote. We just trained the LSTM on raw data and it decided that this is a useful quantitity to keep track of. In other words one of its cells gradually tuned itself during training to become a quote detection cell, since this helps it better perform the final task. This is one of the cleanest and most compelling examples of where the power in Deep Learning models (and more generally end-to-end training) is coming from.

I hope I’ve convinced you that training character-level language models is a very fun exercise. You can train your own models using the AmoonyFashion Womens RoundToe ClosedToe KittenHeels Boots With Slipping Sole and Chunky Heels Black S2NSwjPA
I released on Github (under MIT license). It takes one large text file and trains a character-level model that you can then sample from. Also, it helps if you have a GPU or otherwise training on CPU will be about a factor of 10x slower. In any case, if you end up training on some data and getting fun results let me know! And if you get lost in the Torch/Lua codebase remember that all it is is just a more fancy version of this 100-line gist .

Brief digression. The code is written in Torch 7 , which has recently become my favorite deep learning framework. I’ve only started working with Torch/LUA over the last few months and it hasn’t been easy (I spent a good amount of time digging through the raw Torch code on Github and asking questions on their gitter to get things done), but once you get a hang of things it offers a lot of flexibility and speed. I’ve also worked with Caffe and Theano in the past and I believe Torch, while not perfect, gets its levels of abstraction and philosophy right better than others. In my view the desirable features of an effective framework are:

Before the end of the post I also wanted to position RNNs in a wider context and provide a sketch of the current research directions. RNNs have recently generated a significant amount of buzz and excitement in the field of Deep Learning. Similar to Convolutional Networks they have been around for decades but their full potential has only recently started to get widely recognized, in large part due to our growing computational resources. Here’s a brief sketch of a few recent developments (definitely not complete list, and a lot of this work draws from research back to 1990s, see related work sections):

In the domain of NLP/Speech , RNNs transcribe speech to text , perform machine translation , generate handwritten text , and of course, they have been used as powerful language models (Sutskever et al.) (Graves) (Mikolov et al.) (both on the level of characters and words). Currently it seems that word-level models work better than character-level models, but this is surely a temporary thing.

We have a fun countdown calendar in our living room that includes a special tile for every occasion: graduation, birthday, Easter, you name it. We can change the tile depending on what holiday or special day is pending, and change the number blocks to help us count down to the big day. Cute as it is, I’m kind of terrible with keeping up with it, so often it says for an entire month or as of late, . (I think I switched it last Tuesday??)

My kids are too old and too boy to think much about the cuteness of a countdown calendar. (Unless it happens to be their birthday that’s coming up. That’s when they tend to pay a little more attention. They do tend to get pretty excited as we count down to Christmas (don’t we all?!). In case you were wondering, there are only 181 days until Christmas. You’re welcome.

As much as I love Christmas, I don’t even want to think about it right now. I’m currently soakingup every minute of summertime! Christmas will come soon enough, and that is when it is worth taking a good look at the Lego Advent Calendars featured at Mojosavings. This is a very fun site that finds all the great deals and shares them with us so we don’t have to work so hard!

Now I really hate to bring it up as it’s also a little bit too early to start talking about Back to School savings. But seeing as that’s going to be right around the corner also (sniff), you’ll want to remember Mojosavings as they post all the latest and greatest of relevant deals and coupons.

COUPONS!!! The only thing better than a good deal is a good deal with a coupon, right?!

Now, I’m sort of done with the task of cutting coupons (no time for that!), but if I find great coupons that are digital and take no effort to use? I am all over it. Mojosavings does the work for us so all we have to do is search their site for the latest AmoonyFashion Womens PointedToe ClosedToe SpikesStilettos Boots With Thin HighHeeled and Platform Black TBO21Q0
, Target , Nine West Womens Homerun Synthetic Fashion Sneaker Light Gold/Multi ClBllL
, etc. deals and coupons. And boom. There’s the deal, here’s a coupon, go therefore and save money.

So for whatever occasion you’re counting down the days, be sure to remember Mojosavings as a great site for finding deals and coupons to save you money on the big day!

As for me, I should probably go change the numbers on our countdown calendar. After all, it’s MY birthday coming up next and I’d hate for my family to think it is still 47 days away…

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I’d never tried Make-Ahead Mac-n-Cheese before, but figured it was worth a shot! I wondered: Could I make my easy Mac-n-Cheese for a crowd, then put it in the crock pot to stay warm? After all, I didn’t want to be a slave to the stove just as my guests were arriving.

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The Illinois Supreme Courthas amended the Illinois rule regarding the professional responsibility minimum continuing legal education requirement, Rule 794(d). The Rule will still require Illinois lawyers to complete 6 hours of professional responsibility CLE every reporting period, but, effective July 1, 2017, of those 5 hours, one hour must be devoted to diversity and inclusion, and one hour must be devoted to mental health and substance abuse.

You can read the Court’s press release here and the revised Rule here .

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I didn'tthink about food the way that normal eaters think about food. My thoughts of food were as consuming as an alcoholic’s thoughts about alcohol. Once I admitted that I am powerless over food and that my life had become unmanageable, I took the first step on my road to recovery.

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